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Our productions


The stalk chopping machine has the function of chopping stalks so that the volume of these is minimized in a way so as to facilitate its transportation. The machine in question has a set up to load on the upper part, the chopping is accomplished by oscillating knives which are mounted on a rotor. The expulsion of the stalks is from the opening inserted on the bottom part. The stalk chopper can be placed on a specific support stand, of variable height as needed.


Constructed in stainless steel AISI 304, it is commonly used for receiving and conveying fresh grapes for the products subsequent processing stages; the conveyor has bearing structure profiles made of stainless steel

A hopper characterized by a covering of the supporting frame through the use of sheets, accurately designed to achieve an adequate slope on both sides to permit the convey of the grapes to the rotating screw, all suitably TIG welded with inert gas protection; the top of the hopper is fitted with special protection bars positioned at a suitable distance, to slow the fall of the grapes, avoiding the possibility that the load damages the operating parts in motion
A driving unit, characterized by an electric motor and supplied with a motor-reducer and speed motor-variator, allowing the machine to work constantly in optimal conditions, in relation to the different types of products to be processed and to the actual production line.

A conveyor screw which is also built entirely in stainless steel and is characterized by a tube on which is applied a coil, suitably welded.
The tanks for receiving grapes are available in different sizes depending on the models and characterized with single MC coils or MC twinned and with the possibility to electronically adjust the flow rate from the control board, worked by the operator.

All processes for the construction and design of the tanks for receiving grapes, are carried out with extreme care, careful finishing and subjected to a quality control in order to present an excellent product.


The search, with the utmost respect, of the raw materials right from the early stages of its work is an integral part of our company philosophy. For hand-picked grapes and their subsequent transport, this historic company puts in place all its experience in supplying product receiving lines with hoppers and conveyor belts for the selection of the grapes by hand. The conveyor belts are formed by a supporting frame made of profiles in stainless steel AISI 304 which is positioned on the floor, and equipped with hoppers with adjustable height to adapt to the different working conditions which may occur; with PVC food purpose mat on a flat work surface with Spondaflex, to prevent slippage and to ensure the continuous transport of the product. The conveyor belts which are made are both horizontal and inclined, to be inserted at different points of the processing line, which sometimes operate on different floors. Cleaning and maintenance operations are made particularly easy and quick.

All conveyors are complete with an electrical system and comply with current CE safety standards


Screw conveyors are used for conveying whole grapes, fermented peel or for the transport and discharge of peel dregs, working both on straight and inclined sections.
Constructed entirely of stainless steel with laminated refining points, on a supporting structure of stainless steel profiles, to guarantee maximum strength and total reliability; available in various diameters and lengths suitable for the type of work to be done, and also easy to wash and maintain.

They are designed and built with great care and according to specific company layouts, to connect in the best way possible all the various machinery and to enable the technological systems to function in a perfect way. All screw conveyors are complete with electrical systems and comply with current CE safety standards.



Today, modern wine cellars are equipped with machines called mechanical de-juicers; meaning that the grapes arrive pressed and out comes the rest of the fruit must, from the grape skin, still moist and rich in juice. The skin that leaves the drainer can then be moved on to continuous presses and hydraulic presses. The de-juicing operation allows you to obtain in a continuous method over 60 - 70% of fruit must.
In order that the de-juicer gives maximum efficiency it is important that their loading occurs with the pressed grapes together with stalks; this, in fact, helps the separation of the must from the solid part by the action of drainage. Pressing can be carried out on non-fermented skins, on fermented skins and grapes. The pressing is the operation that aims to remove from the skin most of the must and wine which they contain; in the case of fermented grapes the operation must be carried out immediately after racking, because we are dealing with a substance which is easily subject to acidification.



The walkways are constructed entirely of stainless steel. Available in modules in order to guarantee maximum customization, their features make them safe, reliable and durable.
Technical details
They can be constructed in various sizes and of varying lengths ensuring a static and rigid bearing structure. They can be equipped with final closing heads fixed with bolted brackets. With the basic decking point we can also supply gallery floors and work stations.


  • They have a self-supporting structure and can be installed even in hard to reach places.
  • They require no maintenance as being entirely made of stainless steel.
  • Fitted with non-slip tread elements.
  • They are quickly and easily mounted without compromising their strength.
  • They are modular making their installation more suitable in meeting the most demanding needs.


Like all spiral staircases they are made of stainless steel. They are composed of a central core on which are strung the non-slip steps; they are subsequently compacted and fastened onto a tube and onto an end flange welded at the very end, which also serves as a fixing base. The stairway comes complete with a handrail that is made with sheets of AISI 304 stainless steel and polished by hand to a mirror finish.
The stairway can be made of any diameter and height, it is made according to specific demands.


  • They have a self-supporting structure and can be installed even in hard to reach places.
  • They require no maintenance as being entirely made of stainless steel.
  • Equipped with anti-slip steps.
  • They are quickly and easily mounted.
  • They are transportable.
  • They are modular allowing their installation and to meet the most demanding needs.
  • They are mirror finish polished by hand polishing.




The department consists of state of the art equipment, which in hand with the highly specialized staff, ensure the production of a high quality product.
All the laminates are made from coils in high-grade steel which are then conveyed to the subsequent processes such as calendaring and / or surface finishing - marble embossing or satin finish, then moved on to the TIG welding processes performed with automatic robots, in an inert gas and nitrogen counter-pressure atmosphere, for a perfect penetration of the welding pool.

Subsequently, these are finely passivated and glazed to give a perfect aesthetic finish to the manufactured product.
The constructive differences of this type of product are the details and care which are applied concerning connectors and accessories, as well as the joining system of the laminates; all this is to avoid the presence in their slots or grooves where there can be of areas of bacteria pollutants for food, that even with sanitizing with special detergents and cleaning systems, cannot be eradicated. Due to this type of attention to detail, our products are absolutely compatible for the storage of food products that require great attention,

In addition, these tanks can be equipped with cavity spaces for refrigeration, made directly in the company with automatic TIG systems; these are types with honeycomb pattern finish, tested to a pressure of 9bar, and individually checked for the necessary hydraulic outflow.

The materials that are usually used are AISI 304 and AISI 316, depending on the type of purpose, and in any case to any specific request of the client.
The accessories and fittings are also subjected to a careful review by our quality control department.
In addition to standard size products, for the customer it is possible to build ad hoc any tank in any shape and capacity needed to integrate into a custom layout.
The same applies to those equipped with refrigeration systems externally applied to the tanks or with cooling coils positioned within them. These can also be completely insulated in accordance with any customer needs.
Capacity: - from 10 to 10,000 Hl.


The winemakers are built taking into account the oldest methods to wine red grapes, with the utmost respect of the raw material
In the company we design and manufacture bespoke winemakers which are highly reliable and with an excellent finish, thanks to the technologies applied and to the use of excellent quality fittings and components, which are also subjected to careful analysis in our quality control department.

Our products are made of stainless steel AISI 304/316, and upon demand are produced with external finish type 2B, marbled, with polished BA finish or satin finish.

Welding is made using automatic TIG (Argon) for full penetration, these are then pickled, passivated, buffed, and brushed by band. The electrical system on the machine is professionally made in compliance with all current regulations.
Moreover these winemakers are equipped with refrigeration space so that the fermentation takes place at low temperatures, to better preserve the organoleptic properties of the original product, full of intoxicating smells and unforgettable flavours.


Tube in Tube Heat Exchangers are modular types of equipment made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304 (AISI 316 on request) suitable for the heating / cooling of products such as fruit juices and musts, either clear or containing skin or pulp.
The equipment is constructed from a set of modules consisting of two concentric stainless steel tubes placed horizontally and overlying. The product to be treated flows in the inner tube, while the heating/cooling liquid flows in the interspace between the two tubes.
On the inner tube there is special corrugation work, coil formed, in order to give the product a turbulent flow which enhances the heat exchange.
The insulation of each individual element is carried out with a 30 mm thickness high density polyurethane foam and covered with a sheet of stainless steel AISI 304. Furthermore the heat exchanger is equipped with four thermometers: two on the inlet / outlet on product, two on refrigeration input /







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